Last year, Andalucia was used as the filming location for a staggering 1,336 films and TV shows, a rather eye-raising fact one might say. This is an 10% increase on 2015 and underlines the region’s status as Spain’s very own Hollywood.

A whole host of benefits for the region including 15,500 jobs and although many were temporary, it boosted the economy by €118 million in 2016.


“Andalucia became a leader in cine-tourism,” said councillor Francisco Javier Fernandez. “Our collaboration with the film Commission for Andalucia has ensured our results are the best in a decade.  The importance of a film and TV industry has also stimulated the economy and generated employment for the community. And this brought about a significant increase in searches for holidays in areas that were used as the backdrop to films and TV series from portals such as TripAdvisor”.


Game of Thrones, The Trip to Spain, and the Spanish film Oro are some of the blockbusters that are associated with Andalucia.  Seville and Jerez are regularly selected for shooting due to the excellent sunlight and stunning architecture. The willingness of Seville’s city council to welcome big budget productions and the variety of backdrops and rugged mountainous terrain has seen them booked for many more films, including futuristic and historic productions in the years to come.