Malaga’s Day/Night life.

Whether during the daylight hours or after dark, Malaga’s emergence as one of the most popular city break destinations in Europe has led to the creation of a wealth of new places to eat and drink, and rooftop bars have become the ‘in’ place to be seen at when locals or visitors want to escape from the hustle and bustle of city-life, and admire the spectacular sunsets and splendid views across the city landscape.  When the city’s lights glimmer and the moon illuminates the Mediterranean, overlooking the view from a rooftop bar or restaurant provides a wonderful perspective you won’t find down on the streets.

During the 1980’s, the city’s rooftops became a popular gathering place for Malaguenos, when they would gather to watch a football match, but when the first major hotels were constructed, locals saw a rooftop bar as venues to appreciate the city, while enjoying a relaxing dinner or drinks, which very soon, visitors too, could appreciate.


The rooftop bar here is one of the most famous in the city. From the terrace, guests can enjoy a 360 degree view of Malaga town.  With views overlooking the port, Muelle Uno and in a downtown location, it gives visitors a chance to identify historic buildings and landmarks from a very different perspective.


This hotel was the trendsetter of the rooftop experience.  The view from this parador is a truly privileged one and with its elevated point, the view is one of the best and the exclusive hotel makes the journey well worth while.


Not being far from the Hotel AC, The Molina Lario does share the same views, but it has one of the most fashionable rooftop bars in the capital.  The 8th floor bar has recently added a new terrace space on the 6th floor such is the demand from Malaga’s stylish locals and visitors alike when exquisite tapas and exceedingly good cocktails are the order of the day to watch the sunset over the city.

If you haven’t visited a rooftop bar before, then Malaga is an excellent place to start and it is worth noting that top quality hostels also offer rooftop bars such as Room Mate Larios, the Alcazaba Premium Hotel and the Chinitas Lounge at the Chinitas Urban Hostel, and where the word ‘hostel’ is quite the opposite to what we assume and attract well-heeled locals and visitors and not just a place for backpackers