In a recent survey by an on-line expat forum, which polled more than 14,300 expats globally, Spain ranked 4th globally, performing exceptionally well on many fronts, not least the ease of settling in, which indicates how welcome expats are made to feel once they have decided to put down roots.

More than 174 nationalities living in 191 countries were asked to rate their quality of life while living abroad, taking key factors of leisure options, safety and security, health, wellbeing and happiness into account.

Spain’s affordability, excellent climate, high levels of safety and modern infrastructure that makes getting around such a breeze, combined with cheap flights home, ensured Spain a high ranking from expats.

Only 3 countries were able to top Spain.  And in 3rd place was Japan, where expats largely enjoy its very peaceful lifestyle and also its extremely high level of healthcare. Second was Austria, where solid job prospects, good infrastructure and clean air were voted as excellent.  Top spot went to Taiwan, where high salaries, good levels of safety and plenty of leisure options, made Taiwan top for re-location.

However, Spain is the de facto No.1 location for would-be expats from the UK and elsewhere in Europe, given its proximity, clement weather and the variety of cities and locations in which to live. And once affordability is factored in, even those that are not moving  overseas for high paying jobs, can find solace and the chance of a good life in Spain.

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