When Brits decide to buy overseas, the number one term on leading portals, is “does the property have a pool, easy access to a beach and a sea view if possible”.

This is the recent findings on data analysis by British property portal Zoopla, which has recorded a 17% surge in overseas home searches in the past month.  Homes in Spain are, by far, the most searched for, followed by France Cyprus, Portugal and the USA.  The most popular criteria for most is “pool” followed by “beach” and “sea view” which seems to be the desire to rekindle the magic of past family holidays.

“It is no surprise that the poor summer weather in the UK has prompted people to look for that perfect holiday home,” said Zoopla spokesperson Lawrence Hall.  The data is unsurprising with Spain being the most popular holiday destination AND also first in overseas property searches amongst Brits.  It perhaps helps to highlight the correlation between good holiday memories and the urge to make that dream a reality and actually buy that perfect home abroad.

This theory is confirmed, with searches for property within Spain, especially on the Costa del Sol up by 44% in the past five months – a steeper rise than any other region.  “We’ve all done it,” says Simon Conn, a property expert. “Relaxing on a sun-lounger, with cocktail in hand and thought how we’d like to make this feeling last”? “When you’re on holiday you wind down a gear and time is your own, but try to visualise what it would really be like if you lived there. Owning property in Spain is not the same as laying on a beach extending your holiday by a week or two.”

Our advice would be to make a considered and sensible decision and try before you buy, but as much as possible, plan, plan and plan again for when the weather might turn a little colder and the swimming pool is too cold to swim in.